Tuesday, 6 January 2015

T O M M Y H I L F I G E R | Tribute Review

We had a brand new Tribute release yesterday, a new one for the Plaza, Tommy Hilfiger! This was a bit of a surprise as I really wasn't expecting any more Tributes this season, I think we were all kinda hoping for a YH release, although with the awards season coming up I do think we'll get ourselves something then! 
I love the whole presentation of the collection with the solid winter theme for it, I think it suits the collection and fits nicely into the Plaza - however I find the collection a little outside my zone of preferences. It reminds me very much of the Apres Ski store (not that there's something wrong with that, it just isn't somewhere I find a lot of clothing for my doll!) and doesn't really have a lot of super versatile pieces that fit into my style - but hey, that's just my preference, some of you guys may find a ton of pieces that work for you!
The collection has a host of boots and bags in the accessories category, and it does make me see that we were lacking boots like this in the plaza, and the furry liners really make a cute addition - my favourite pairs are the La Paz Winter Boots and the Humboldt Shearling Boots, which I look forward to seeing styled up well!
Clothing-wise, it's a very dress/skirt based collection with a large variety of tops and coats to go with them, which is where I think the best piece of the collection is, the La Paz Knit Sweater! To me it doesn't fit in so well with the rest of the pieces (probably why I like it) and does seem like a versatile piece I could wear all year round. And I do feel like it could be dressed up or down, so a nice little escapade for me^
Prices for the collection range from 12 to 35 SD's, with the accessories at the lower end and all the clothing from the mid-twenties, which I do feel is quite expensive for what some of them are - however this will just be personal opinion.
Overall the collection just wasn't for me, so this probably isn't a great review, but I did buy from it, so I'll feature a couple of looks:

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  1. I agree with your opinion about this collection. I also bought this sweater. It would be perfect for me without the "pom pom" details in the neck and sleeves! Actually it was the only item I bought from Tommy Hilfiger Tribute, overall it is not for me eighter :)