Tuesday, 7 November 2017

P R E T T Y ' N L O V E | Release Review

The end of October brought us a pretty great release - a new floor in Pretty 'N Love! I've been feeling quite underwhelmed by the releases lately so I've really been hanging on by a thread waiting for something good to write about and I really think this is it! The homepage ad is sweet and fitting for the store and our MSW winner fits in the advert perfectly =)
Highlights This release is of the same size and quantity as is usual for similar stores, I think because I like so many of the pieces it feels like it's much larger! Being in the Pretty 'N Love store, the items definitely lean to the feminine side in their styling and colour, so these pieces might not be for everyone, but they sure work out well for me!
Accessories There are quite a small number of accessories with the release, 2 pairs of shoes and 2 bags but also a pair of earrings, the Aquamarine Rose Quarts Earrings which weren't originally released when I took the pictures for the post! I really like both pairs of shoes, they each offer something different to your doll and look - the Fishnet Toe Heels are delicate and dainty and come in a pale pink with white straps, making them pretty versatile. Then the Pink Metallic Loafers are brighter and bolder and offer a flat more casual option to your wardrobe. I like both pairs and am looking forward to wearing them! Of the bags I definitely prefer the Crocco Crossbody, for me it's more wearable than the Travel Beauty Box. The size is really nice and the colour is a versatile one so I think it's a winner^
Clothing There really is such a range of clothing pieces to choose from in this store and they really are taking a clear fashion-forward approach with this release making most pieces easy to wear and versatile rather than for store advertising, which is great! I like so many pieces in the store that it’s hard to know where to begin! There are quite a few co-ord pieces in this release, the Floral Silk Bomber and Mini Skirt, and the High Waisted Lace Pencil Skirt and Lace High Neck Top - I quite like both of these sets, their sweet pieces and I think they'd do well in terms of versatility when styled individually as well, particularly the High Waisted Lace Pencil Skirt but it's definitely the Floral Silk Bomber that I'm wanting to see some great stylings from =D While we're thinking about skirts, there's three more skirted pieces, the bright Pink Just Lace Dress which really lives up to the name with the bold colour and the lacy style, the Pink Suede Mini Skirt which I don't think is so mini, but I think it's got lovely length, fit and colour and being in SC's it's sure to get some attention, and lastly the Silk Wrap Dress which is just a beautiful slinky silky piece that I think is so dreamy! I feel like I can really feel the texture of the dress and I love the shape and draping of the piece on the doll, it's a total winning piece^ Lastly in bottomhalves is some denim - the Lace Detail Classic Denim which are alright but don't stand out too much to me. There are two tops in the store, both delicately and intricately designed, firstly the Bow Beaded Top which I'll admit I did kinda just glance over initially but now on second glance I'm a little tempted as it could add a lot to minimal trousers, and then the Lilac Embroidered Blouse which is just stunning, it has great fit and design on the doll with the ruffled cuffs and neckline then the beautiful floral embroidery on the front - I think this will make many beautiful outfits! Lastly the sweaters and outerwear which I'm grouping as there are one piece in each of the categories but they come in two colours, both a pink and a neutral cream. Firstly the Ivory Soft Mohair Sweater and Mohair Baby Pink Knit which are great pieces and I couldn't resist snapping up both. They're cropped in the body but have voluminous sleeves which stand out and are a popular style. The polo neck also keeps them within current trends and with the current season. And the outerwear, the Pink and Ivory Long Crepe Coat, and I mean really - how can you ignore this piece?! Such a beautiful set of coats with pretty and elegant shape and design and sure, they have a higher price tag in the store, but I can see just by looking at them that they will get great wear and they will both show excellent versatility =)
Prices The prices of this release range from 9 to 23SD's. There are a couple of pieces in SC's (which really are quite nice!) and then also a piece which is Royalty only, so on the most part, it's accessible to everyone! I did manage to spend quite a small fortune on the collection though which is my own fault for buying so many pieces =D
Features So many awesome looks have come out of this release and I think there will be many more to come! Firstly, a handful of looks with the Ivory Soft Mohair Sweater - clearly a winner with the Stardoll public =) Here is a cool casual styling from -Lady_Sweet- going relaxed with these loose denim jeans with rips. I like that the rips definitely feel minimised by the use of the jacket wrapped around the waist. The denim tone looks really nice with the ivory of the sweater and the accessory use is perfection - these heels are awesome and add a classy feel, the earrings are cool and the gold fits in smoothly. Super job =D
Next up is ajenkam, additionally wearing the High Waisted Lace Pencil Skirt and these two pieces look good together. I like the different accessories which really make the look stand out - especially these glittery boots which are one of my favourite pairs of shoes^ The oversized clutch also catches your eye and I like the size with the oversized sleeves of the piece =)
And the final look with the Ivory Soft Mohair Sweater is from Mia1435 in this autumnal based styling. I love the sweater with the reds in this knit skirt, and the shape of the sweater looks good against the tight fit of the skirt. The brown boots look good too, the tone suits that of the sweater and I think this will be a great combination for many others too^ And also the red lip! That's pretty perfect =)
Now for a styling from Green_Lady_M wearing the Lilac Embroidered Blouse in this stand-out styling! I love the blouse style with these trousers, the loose slim fit of them works with the blouse and the classic style accessories suits the blouse really nicely. Loving the addition of the unusual lilac hat too, it's great and fits the outfit and style so much =D
This next look is spot on with the autumn trends and it's brought to you by Sindragosa featuring the Silk Wrap Dress. This look is completely selling the dress for me - it looks great layered like this and the dusted pink colour works incredibly well with the brown tones underneath, especially these high boots. The contrasted pink metallic bag is also a great addition and I love the tone against that of the dress, it's perfect and I'm sad I don't have this bag myself^
And finally a couple of looks with the outerwear of the collection. Wearing the Long Crepe Ivory Coat is neon.swift in this sleek and shiny styling. I love the matte effect of the coat against the leather trousers and the slouched leather boots, they are fabulous at the hem of the coat! The rest of the look is minimal in the sweater and other accessories but I think it works well and shows off a great style for the coat!
And lastly is polinapolinka wearing the Pink Long Crepe Coat and also the Mohair Baby Pink Knit in this cool and bright styling, but bright in a different way than the bold pink pieces that are also in this collection! The orange suits the pinks really nicely and it really does catch your attention and draw you in. The pink hat matches nicely, the chunky necklace fits in well and the white accessories really stand out on their own as well. I love that the makeup look is perfectly matched to the style as well^

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