Tuesday, 12 September 2017

R O Y A L T Y | Release Review

Ahh finally, my Royalty review - I'm glad to get some time to sit and write this, although now is a good time as there were absolutely no releases last week for me to fill this slot with, so that's disappointing but I think this Royalty is pretttty special! The homepage ad is fine although gives mixed messages about whether this is a fancy release, going with the sequins or if it's more casual on the side of the trench! Nevertheless, this is a good release!
Highlights So this is just a one-floor release, which is pretty usual for the Royalty store but I think it's pretty full of pieces for just 5 looks. They really focus on a range of different styles but everything has such a cool feel to it that I think it will be easy to find something that suits you =) And there's also a male look included as well.
Accessories An appropriate number of accessories for the size of the store I think. There are 4 pairs of shoes to start of with, in a range of colours and cool fashionable styles! First up are the first pair I saw and wanted immediately, the Knee High Pointy Suede Boots ... who doesn't need another pair of black knee high heeled boots?!?! These are just perfect, they look good on the doll they fit nicely and they're trendy^ The other shoes are more shoes than boots but are all a little more veering toward the platform style. There's the red and blue, almost sailor-like Silk Bow Block Platforms which are just such a cool pair of shoes and the colours open up so many style options, then there's the very feminine Asian Silk Platforms with a cool floral-like print and some fab fabric twisting. And lastly are the party-based Silver Glitter Platforms, styled with the Silk Ankle Bracelets which will transform any pair of shoes - these are pretty cool and certainly attract me with their sparkle^ Then there is one bag in the release, the Keyhole Handbag, which I think looks pretty cool and when you zoom in the details and design are fab, I just can't envisage how I'd style it. And lastly in this category the Prada Inspired Tortoise Sunglasses which are pretty stunning! They just look like they have a good quality with great little details in the design and I'm impressed with how cool they make my doll look when wearing them =D
Clothing So the main attraction! I am hugely impressed with this release, it really made me excited about styling and making looks and I felt very inspired^ I've also been watching a hugely different range of styling videos on Youtube and finding more people with different styles is really helping - in fact I think I've seen some of these Stardoll items in RL videos which makes it pretty cool I think^ So where to begin? I think maybe outerwear and sweaters as they are the majority of the pieces - there are 3 of them, the Double Breasted Glencheck Blazer, Dogtooth Double Breasted Coat and then the Chunky Mohair Cardigan. The two jackets are quite similar in their theme, being a small pattern and in their more neutral colour range and their double-breasted-ness, I don't mind this, I quite like the style and I think they look good on the doll, plus I think they should have quite decent versatility in their stylings^ The Chunky Mohair Cardigan is a little more specific with it's pink colour, I really like this, and I think it will go down well amongst the masses! The fit is nice and also a little oversized like the Double Breasted Glencheck Blazer - a style that suits most people =) There's just one top, the Pink Corset Top which is looking quite vintage to me with it's rounded neckline but then quite modern with the very cool gathered design up the front - I think I like it, but I need to see it styled a couple of times before I make my mind up! There's one dress and I don't think you'd be able to miss it if you tried, the Sequin Wrap Dress! I absolutely love this, it's totally different for me, but I've been loving the wrap style ands this cool standout piece is just right =) I know it's something that I won't wear everyday, or even every week, but it's cool and I think in the long run making this purchase will be worthwhile for me. I love the glamour of it and the cool colour selection on it - it's a party piece but I also think it could do everyday wearing quite well. And lastly our two bottom-halves, the Skirt Pant Combo, the only piece of the store I'm really not sure about, and then also the Cut Off Culottes Denim which are super awesome and I love! These are a great pair of jeans, absolutely perfect with current trends and popular designs, they look good on the doll and they're really versatile, they have been made into a graphic really nicely and I can see it being easy to dress these up or down - I'm really pleased with having these in my wardrobe!
Prices As you will know, the store is Royalty only, so that is the only limitation to the pieces. Prices range from 8 to 30SD's and most pieces are well priced in the middle - I have no complaints about the pricing and think everything is pretty fair.
Styled Outfits I had SO MUCH fun putting together these looks, I was just feeling super inspired and in the right mood for styling these pieces up! Firstly the Sequin Wrap Dress, which I know won't get a huge number of wears but I couldn't pass it up. I resized it down a little so it has a slightly tighter fit on my doll and it really doesn't need much to look fabulous, I just added a belt, necklace and great minimal heels and I think it ties together quite nicely =) Secondly the Cut Off Culottes Denim which I wore in some sort of hybrid dressed up/down style ... but I think it works and I think it suits my doll! I love these booties with the jeans, they're a good fit with the length and they give a good set of colours to work with for the rest of the look and this time I was feeling pink! I layered away to my hearts content and I'm really pleased with the outcome, plus loving the Prada Inspired Tortoise Sunglasses in this style too, they really make me look cool! And then lastly the Chunky Mohair Cardigan in my absolute favourite styling on my doll! This is so spot on with my favourite current trends and I think it's a fantastic styling for the cardigan. This skirt is fabulous and showing it's versatility already and I liked making it into almost more of a dress by choosing a matching piece for the top. The black dots don't overwhelm the pink and the big buttons emphasise to me that I should definitely go with black accessories - these heels and this bag are classics and look good in many looks including this one^
Features A couple of very cool features for you today! First up is ccaauu1414 wearing the Double Breasted Glencheck Blazer going very cool and combining it with cobalt blue, this works so well in an outfit to standout and it does the job! I like that the rest of the pieces are fairly minimal allowing the attention with the print and colour, but everything fits nicely and I especially like the buckle heels with the socks =)
And then Mia1435 wearing the Chunky Mohair Cardigan in this perfect-for-autumn-winter styling! I love the pink and black, the pink works well with this amount too and holds its own in the look. I love the frill of the skirting against the cardigan texture, I think that works out really nicely and the accessories are also well chosen^

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