Monday, 29 January 2018

S W E E T S U I T E S | Release Review

Last week we got ourselves a brand new release of Sweet Suites, which I think is really exciting because these releases usually have some fantastic pieces of Decor that work well with my interiors style for my suite - lets get on and see what there is!
Highlights The release is the usual size of 1 floor, and it's a pretty complete design packed with a lot of different pieces. While there are several styles there I think they all fit together really nicely - and the overall style is super current which I think people will really love! The interior is also quite amazing, the room is perfectly designed in terms of shape and I love everything, from the ceiling, the windows, views, walls and flooring!
Furniture There's a reasonable balance between furniture pieces and decor, which is good. There is mostly seating, with seating the popular choice with the Comfy Pillow Armchair (which is pretty much a dupe of the Fashion Furniture Tartan Armchair - interestingly, looking at that collection there is more than this similarity between it and our new one! Check it out here^) and the Seashell Armchair which I think looks great against the window frames. Also in seating is the Vintage Footstool which is more like a little benchseat, and I really like the colour of the cushion in it. Then there are two tables, the main one being the Livingroom Safari Table which almost has a pink quality to the top which I really like^ And then there's the Vintage Coffee Table which I like for the gold feet on the legs!
Decor There's quite a few more decor pieces in the release, and they split quite well into a couple of different categories, excluding two pieces, the Black Kale which is a great looking plant with a fab green tone, and also the Velvet Flap Over Bag which in Decor stores is pretty popular in releases over the last few years. This piece is cool, the brown colour is current as is the velvet, it's pretty great^
     Lighting You can get both a ceiling lamp and side pieces in this release. The Sicilian Crystal Ship Chandelier is a ceiling lamp and has such a delicate design, it looks incredible but certainly requires a certain taste to pull off well! Then there is the Electric Black Lamp, a wall piece, which I really like the look of, especially against the brickwork. And lastly the Industrial Side Table Lamp which I didn't really notice at first, but did once I was looking through the smaller pieces to include in my styling - I like how this one looks, even though it has 'industrial' in the name it sure does look like a delicate lamp!
     Textiles The Modern Vintage Rug is a stand out piece in the collection with it's colourful design and cool geometric printing which I just love. The pink and yellow tones together look great and I think will provide a lot of options for interior design. Then there are two cushions, the Brown Leather Pillow is a great addition to our pillow collection, I love how this one sits and I think it's a great texture to have on sofas. And lastly there is the Golden Sofa Pillow, again a great shape and also in a great colour, gold works well in a lot of designs and the printing on this one is super pretty =)
     Artwork And lastly the arty pieces of the release of which there are a good mix. I absolutely love the Mirror Mirror On The Floor, having it propped up against the wall is a style I adore, so this is a great addition! Plus the frame is beautiful and golden^ The Fashionista BW Frame is also styled propped up in the store, but would work on the wall too - it's got a minimal design and the muted colours look great and make it a good piece for pairing with others. There are two table-top pieces, the Hand Ornament, a modern design in a fabulous red colour which I think a lot of people will really love, and then the Low Poly Unicorn which is a more classic design and in a neutral tone, which I really love.
Prices The prices in this release range from 10 to 42SD, with only the interior at the top end of the scale and no individual item priced more than 17SD's, which I think it pretty great. And nothing is SS or Royalty only, again a great thing =)
Styled Suite You might have seen my My Suite Sunday yesterday, well this is a little peak at the second half of the room I mentioned there and I had great fun working some of these pieces into my design, I think they fit perfectly with my intended vibe! I absolutely love the Brown Leather Pillow on this sofa I've picked out, it's absolutely perfect for the colour and style. I love the Fashionista BW Frame with the Low Poly Unicorn on the floor against the Livingroom Safari Table - this is a big leap for me, delving into the world of coffee tables in front of sofas, and so far ... it's not been too scary and I'm happy with how it looks!

Features And now a couple of features both enjoying the new interior and making it look stunning! First up we have tolady's suite, keeping the main area of the room clear and using a lot of the pieces around the perimeter, I like the Mirror Mirror On The Floor at the left, the plants used with it look really nice and it adds a touch of glamour to some of the other minimal aspects. I'm really liking the Electric Black Lamp on the back wall too, it stands out really nicely and I like the artwork it's highlighting =D
And then nicki_-_-minaj, doing the opposite and filling the middle of the room with city-chic brightness. This yellow sofa is great, and the colour is fantastic against the brickwork and black frames of the window. The Industrial Heaters are seen in the back, and the Big Pile Of Fashion Magazines is used nicely amongst others and is tucked in with the Black Kale - in fact loving all the plants used in this styling =D

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