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J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 8 | Hotbuys Review

Welcome to our first monthly Hotbuys Review, January 2018! It's quite odd doing something different with the Hotbuys when I'm so used to doing the We Wear Hotbuys posts that have been around on the blog for so long, but it's nice to have something fresh too, don't you think?! I've quite enjoyed putting this post together and I hope you enjoy reading it! It's also odd seeing a HB being released and not having to buy it after buying every HB for such a length of time =)
These January 2018 HB offerings were based on summer pieces, more suited to those in the southern hemisphere, but that doesn't put us northerners off as I'm always someone who thinks about pieces as how I can wear them in summer months too. The pieces seem beach focused, including swimwear and a fair number of accessories with a couple of pairs of sunglasses on offer too.

Zimmerman Inspired Peach Swimsuit - This is a sweet swimsuit! I love the ruffles and adorable delicate details of the laser cut patter and the frill on the hems. I also like the halterneck style of the straps. The colour looks great in the advert, but it's quite close to my own dolls skin tone, so this may be an issue when styling and not looking too naked^ Pretty 'N Love 22SD's
Wooden Heel Buckle Sandals - These are quite a minimal sandal, but I like the wooden style to them, and the tan colour of the straps, the shoes work as a whole and I think they're flattering on the doll. Not sure I love the medium heel height yet but I think it's workable. Bizou 16SD's
Pompom Oxidised Earrings - The earrings come as two individual ones, again a bonus, and they are a very bright piece of jewellery! I quite like the geometric shapes to them however they do come up naturally very large on the doll. I know you can choose to resize yourself, but it means I'm less likely to wear them, and being an earring already, that gives them a lower chance of being worn in the first place! Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Karen Walker Inspired Sunglasses - These are a classic style of sunglasses in a traditional tortoiseshell frame and shape for popular sunglasses. They are quite large in size, which is one of the features that makes them unappealing to me. I also feel like we've had a fair share of sunglasses, and for an accessory that I wear quite irregularly, and mostly just in the summer months, I don't think they're worth a purchase from me. It Girls 17SD's
Polka Dot Frill Top - This top is part of a co-ord, with the skirt coming a little later. The whole design and vibe of this piece really reminds me of the older Stardoll clothing from several years ago, it just has that feel with the design and fit on the body. While I think it does look very nice on my doll, I think the style might come across a little dated, and for my own style, I don't see it being hugely versatile unfortunately! RIO 21SD's
Cute Boater Hat - It's a cute hat, and the style fits with the theme. I think it's been done well and I like the design, especially the ribbon detailing, but it's just not the piece for me at all! It does have a reasonable size and fit on the head, but it's one that needs the hairstyle thought about carefully to fit perfectly, I think some of you guys will do well with this one =) It Girls 16SD's
See By Chloe Inspired Wedges - I really love the look of these, and as soon as a saw them on my doll I knew that was it for me and I needed them! I'm not generally a big fan of platform or wedge shoes, but I'll certainly make an exception for a great pair. I love the white and black on the sole, and I think the muted-ness to the straw platform really helps give them a nice appeal, these seem like a keeper! RIO 16SD's
Polka Dot Button Skirt - This is the matching bottom for the Polka Dot Frill Top, they make a sweet set. First impression of this piece aren't too overwhelming, I like the length, but I don't feel like it stands out in terms of style. While I think it will look quite nice in the right look, I don't think it's one that has a wide range of versatility, and it's a very seasonal piece too. RIO 20SD's
Square White Glasses - I think these look pretty cool and are a solid retro piece, I really like the look of them on my doll and they will suit all skin tones and face shapes too! I definitely think they stand out in the crowd of current sunglasses in the Plaza, so hold your attention well. I like the white, the thick frame does make them a little difficult to make them blend in well with looks, but they're definitely a good piece! Original Future 15SD's
Leather Tassel Beach Tote - My first thoughts about this piece were how large it was! It is one huge tote! Last year we had several straw based bags so this one is added to a hefty collection, but it stands out with the size and also the very cute pom-poms at the edges, I really like those^ The tassels don't look too leather, but I do like how they look and their peachy coloured tone. I'm excited to work with this bag =) Pretty 'N Love 23SD's

'Top Picks' are my top 2 pieces from this month's HBs, this time round it's the straw-based pieces winning out, the See By Chloe Inspired Wedges and the Leather Tassel Beach Tote, for my style they seem the most versatile pieces from the collection and while the shoes will be great in Spring and Summer I think the tote should be a pretty good piece through to the Autumn as well - be sure to comment and let us know what your 'Top Picks' from this months HBs are!

Absolutely adore this styling of the Pompom Oxidised Earrings from frankieiz12 - the look is perfect to really make the earrings stand out and call the shots in the styling! They're such a perfect match for these over knee boots and I love the bold combination with the neon yellow/green tone of the top, it works surprisingly well! The blazer is a great piece to round up the outfit =)
And then a cool styling from mel0407 wearing the Square White Glasses in this look and I love them in it =) I think the glasses look great with the dolls features, and this hair is a particularly good one really framing the face and highlighting the piece. I like the bright white against the neat blue of the shirt, I think it works very nicely =D

And lastly my own stylings of the HBs! I bought 5 of the 10 pieces and have styled 4 in these looks, I think they seem great summer pieces^ First up, the Zimmerman Inspired Peach Swimsuit and Wooden Heel Buckle Sandals, and while the sandals look good with my dolls skin tone, the swimsuit definitely does not, it's that shade just a little too close to looking nude on her! I love the laser-cut pattern and the frills on it and I really tried to make it work, but I don't think it's a winner for my doll! So I paired it with jeans and a coat, which hides most of it, but the look does show off the shoes - which I think are a really classy version of a sandal, and I'm pleased I got them! In the second look I'm wearing the very re-sized Leather Tassel Beach Tote, and I kept this look pretty simple and a little beach-ready^ I love the tone of this dress with the bag, I think the two are a great match, and I didn't have the perfect jacket to go with both so went without! And in the final styling, the See By Chloe Inspired Wedges in my favourite styling of the three! For me it's all about the white straps on these and this mini dress is just perfect to highlight them and show them off with a lot of leg! I think it's a great match, if I do say so myself^ I love this bag with the look because it's a good fit for the shoes with the black handle detailing with the soles of the shoes, and then the straw body of each piece fitting together nicely =D

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