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I N S P I R E D B Y O F F - W H I T E | Tribute Review

I really thought Tribute season was over, but here we are with another one, Off-White! It's a brand whose name pops up all the time, especially over the past year or so, but it's not a brand I've made myself hugely familiar with - but with most members, this one seems to have gone down really well! The advert is striking and really catches your eye from the start =)
Highlights This release has two floors with 9 looks, although a little repetition between the looks, but a fair mix of styles and designs. There's quite a feminine touch, which I find myself pleasantly surprised at with florals and pinks, and quite a few white pieces which definitely should be versatile. Overall I think it's a pretty decent offering =)
Accessories It's a very small collection of accessories in this release. There's just one pair of shoes, the Off White Inspired Silk Heels, which have an interesting design. I like the base shoe of the shoes, I think they look nice and have a good colour, then there is a plastic-style topper to them, which is what puts me off of them as I don't think it looks all too great. I haven't seen anyone use these yet, so I think others may feel the same. There is also just one bag, the Off White Inspired Pink Waist Bag, which is a stylish belt-bag piece. I like the design of the bag, however it sits very low on the hips, which is a factor in why I haven't purchased it yet. The Off White Inspired Sunglasses hang around the neck, again, I haven't seen anyone wear these, and honestly I don't like them. The one accessory piece I do like, is the Off White Inspired Double Belt, I think it looks great - I like the design and I like the colours of it, orange is a colour I wear a lot in accessories, so this fits quite nicely for me =)
Clothing The pieces fit together as a collection really well, that definitely impresses me!
     Dresses There are 3 dresses to be had and they're all pretty individual. The Off White Inspired Tuille Circle Dress is very ball-gown-esque with a corset bodice and a very wide skirt, and while the style isn't one I'd wear I really like the colour of it. Then there is the Organza Bodycon Dress, a fitted midi piece which looks pretty cool with tuille down it's single sleeve. I like the ruching on the body of the dress and the overall shape is quite nice =) Then there is my favourite dress, the Off White Inspired Rose Dress which is another midi piece but has such a great print, I love the violet vibe to the base and the floral printing is just beautiful. The style is great and I think it will be perfect through the Spring and Summer and I really think it's perfect for me^
     Outerwear There are two blazers with this collection, both similar and different at the same time. First the Raw Hem Leather Blazer which is an all black leather piece, double breasted, classic fit, and it looks pretty good on the doll. I have nothing against the piece, but I know it's not something I would wear much if I bought it. And then the Floral Blazer, also double breasted but has a slight asymmetrical shape with the hem. The printing is the same floral one as on the Off White Inspired Rose Dress and I think it looks just as good on a blazer! It's got a slight oversized shape, but it still looks very nice on the doll.
     Tophalves In terms of tops and shirts there are a few odder pieces in this category, with 5 pieces in total. The two more quirky pieces are the Off White Inspired Super Cropped Tee and the Off White Inspired Ruffle Collar - they're pieces that I don't find wearable for myself, but I know others will really love them. Then there are two cropped tops, the Off Shoulder Jersey Top a minimal black piece which is a little swimwear-like, then the better piece, the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt which is quite a smart style with very nice long sleeves and large split cuffs. The final piece is the one I have bought, the Off White Inspired Ruffle Top, which is off the shoulder and pushed up sleeves, it reminds me of older styles we've had in the Plaza and it's a fabulous summer styled piece^
     Bottomhalves And the final category of bottomhalves, with 4 pieces in mixed styles. First up the Off White Inspired Cut Shorts, which I'm not too fond of, they match the Raw Hem Leather Blazer well. If these were full length trousers, I think the design would be really nice. Then there are the Slouchy Leather Pants, which I didn't really think about much at first, but now upon second look I think they're quite nice, I love slouched pieces and these fit firmly in that category. The leg is also pretty cool in terms of design and fit, so I think these are a pretty good piece. Then my two favourite pieces, the Wide Floral Pants fitting the Blazer and Dress. These have a great fit and design, it's a shape that's been used plenty before and it's one that works well; these look great on and I'm excited to work with them. And lastly the Pink Is Pink Silk Pants, and although they sit low on the hips, I really like them, the colour is fab and the fit is really nice on the doll. I like the ankle length and loose-ness, it's quite perfect for what I'm feeling right now!
Prices The prices range from 12 to 38SD's, with just a couple of pieces at the upper end of the range. I think this pricing fits with other Tributes and the pieces are priced well for what they are. And as with the previous Tributes, nothing is SS or Royalty only.
Styled Outfits I didn't mean for my looks to be so pink, but that seems to have been what has happened - I like them nonetheless! I did mostly go for the pink and flowery pieces of the collection but I'm pleased with the outcome of these stylings =) First up the Off White Inspired Rose Dress which I found myself falling in love with even more once I'd put it on, I think it works so well in my wardrobe! It's a great fit with this pink overcoat, and I think it will work very nicely with many others, and also with layering pieces underneath. I picked purple for my accessories and I think my choices work so well with the dress! In the second look I've worn the Wide Floral Pants, which I was adamant that I wanted to wear with this cardigan, I don't think it's the best choice, and actually I found it difficult to pair with other pieces and accessories - it's not a bad look, but it's also not the best. And for my final look, the Pink Is Pink Silk Pants which I had so much fun with! The bright colour won't be for everyone, and it won't fit all styles, but I had fun with them, I think they're a good spring piece - and also a good piece with this pink fur! Love the combination and found it so easy to pair with some fab accessories too =)
Features I think it might be possible that everyone has bought from this release, I've seen so many outfits wearing these new pieces! There is no particular order to these features, it's just alphabetical^ First up is FedericoMosi wearing the Off White Inspired Ruffle Collar, Off White Inspired Double Belt and the Wide Floral Pants. The first thing that caught my eye was the muted lilac heels, they are so amazing with these trousers, just the perfect tone and a total surprise^ The top half of the look is kept white to brighten things up, this blazer has a fantastic shape and I love the lace cami too, a great styling =)
Secondly we have France25 wearing the Off White Inspired Ruffle Collar resized and shaped, the Dove Grey Tuille Top, and the Off White Inspired Pink Waist Bag. The layering in this look is so cool, I love the dark pink dress piece hidden away at the back, it makes a good base for the white and grey and then also the bright pink in the bag. The tuille looks fab and fits in very nicely, but it's the collar piece that totally stands out and steals the show!
This one has a little more minimal usage of the pieces, but it shows they can be super versatile - it's from Hard_Rock-Metal and uses the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt. I think it just looks like such a cool-girl outfit^ The shirt is a great style fit with the smart trousers, and I love the creativity in the addition of this artsy corset piece, I think it really draws your eye in to the styling =)
This feature also uses the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt but layers it with the Off White Inspired Ruffle Top, which I think is the cutest, and is from lacky_girl..! This look really stood out to me because of the green camouflage print skirt, I think it's such a great idea and it really pops with all the white! Love the boots, they work with every piece in the outfit, and the sunglasses are so cute and fitting^ 
A third, and final, styling with the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt (but it really shows it's versatility!) from leiona_- this time =) It looks so smart layered with the black leather crop, and it really stands out against the denim use - which although not from this release, I love this pairing, so creative! The black accessories stand out against the white really nicely, and I quite like the use of this Balenciaga design piece on top =)
Maniakpupili is styling the Off White Inspired Super Cropped Tee and Off White Inspired Double Belt in this cool casual look - and is another one that uses this lace cami, I think it's a winning piece to pair with this collection! I love the loose fit style of the trousers with these pieces, I think it works really well, and suits the belting style greatly. While this tee isn't for me, I think it's a great one in this outfit!
And back to a girlier style with the Off White Inspired Rose Dress and Slouchy Leather Pants in this feature from Marta-43 =) I love the combination of these two pieces and the additions and accessories work so well with them! The sleeves look cool, and just like they were made to be there. The pink accessories are perfect, love the bag and shoes, as well as the trim on the hat - what a great choice^
And our final feature, millaxx wearing the Dove Grey Tuille Top in this minimal but classy styling^ It looks great with the white jeans, the colours are perfect together, and I don't think the tuille seems too sheer at all. The shoes are a sweet classic addition, and I like the edginess of the choker. The hair and minimal makeup look is absolutely perfect with this outfit, I'm all for this hairstyle =)

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