Sunday, 28 January 2018

# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y

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I've been meaning to work on my lower Millionaire Mansion Suite for a couple of months, and after the recent Decor releases in the Plaza and a little searching of Pinterest, I felt like I had a good idea of what I wanted to create in the space! I ended up splitting the room in two with one of the BASICS room dividers and this is the result in the left side of the room! The other side is needing a little more work, the basics are there but I'm in need of details so that will come soon^ If any of you knew what I had before, this isn't too drastic of a change, I've got the same wall decor pieces in place, this time I've gone with a black frame window feature over the white I usually do, and made some sort of wall design with these block pieces so it's like wood along the bottom with a grey paint on top, I love the subtle colour difference, then the huge contrast with the black floorboards which I just adore! I was worried I wouldn't be able to style the boards well, but I'm incredibly pleased with how they look! I already had this furry chair in the room, and I like it with the gold artwork above it, so kept that feature, I did add the new Winter Peak Wooden Curved Floor Lamp and I like how it looks in that corner. I was looking for seating for the other side of the room and ended up buying 3 sofas, this one looked perfect here, so it immediately was out of the running for the other side! The yellow tone is amazing with the dark floor and I think it just works so well with the artwork too. Made use of the Sweet Suites Black Kale (review coming tomorrow!), and I love it combined with the tones of the artwork and also the little side-table, I have said before about my lack of ability with tables, so I'm pleased with this one and it's placing in the room. I am just so pleased with the outcome of this room!

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