Sunday, 3 December 2017

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This was another release from when I was away and while I was initially going to write a review however it was a pretty tiny release with just 4 looks on the floor, so instead a Styled post! This release does seem quite geared towards summer and resort dressing with the bright yellow and the dresses and the summer themed accessories, but I think you can work the pieces into more winter dressing if that's what you want - personally I do as I like to dress with the seasons =D
So first up a feature, regnlee wearing the Sunflower Turtleneck Top. I love it paired with these golden yellow trousers, they're great together and will work with a lot of different outerwear pieces, including this overcoat which plants the look into the warmer category. I like the use of the darker accessories like this pendant necklace and the darker sandals. The yellow is perfect in making this look stand out!
And my Styled Outfits - I bought quite a few pieces and after styling them, I'm happy with all of them =) In the first look I've styled the Tailored Fringe Pants and the Gold Snake Crossbody. Initially I wasn't going to style them together, but after finishing the look and searching for a perfect bag, I found that this one was it! These trousers are totally cool, I love the tight fit, then the loose fringing below the knee, they look great in themselves and on the doll. I went with a simple black polo and found this new jacket was a good vibe for the theme of these looks, hence where the bag fitted in^ I thought my main struggle would be in finding the right shoes for the trousers, but actually it was easy and a lot of pairs looked good. And my second look, also wearing the Sunflower Turtleneck Top - which actually has a cutout section, however the hairstyle my doll currently has is covering it, I don't mind the top either way, but I think it will be good next summer in a styling like this one! It's odd going for a summer styling, but I like this one. The skirt colouring suits the top well, and I love accessorising with this Fendi belt which also matches well. The white jacket, shoes and bag keep the outfit lighter and with a brighter pop than the yellow alone brings =)

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