Friday, 30 June 2017

B I Z O U | Release Review

It seems a little while ago now, but Bizou was one of our recent Plaza releases and I think it was pretty awesome! I love the homepage advert - So. Much. Pink! I think it's perfect^ It's on trend and also shows a range of pieces in a range of tones, although it does imply that the collection is all about the colour though!
Highlights So it's not just about the pink, there's some other choices in there too, but pink is a prominent feature in this release - you won't be hearing any complaints from me about that! The pieces are mostly summery, although are maybe a little girly for the usual Bizou releases to keep everyone happy.
Accessories The accessories are the usual small collection of pieces, but they really have a wide range of styles and trends included - going from wild with prints with the Jerome Dreyfuss Inspired Handbag to the more feminine styling of the Pink Quilted Handbag. And the shoes are contrasting too, with the darker and pretty cool Knee High Wedge Boots then the silvery grey Leather Tassel High Heel Loafers - but it's great to get a mix and keep everyone happy! I also think the Mock Shirt Collar Necklace will be a popular piece as the peter-pan-collar style is still pretty strong =)
Clothing So yes, a lot of pink, but I think I'll start with what's not pink^ There's a reasonable amount of denim, the High Waisted Mid Rinse Skinny Jeans and then a jacket with the Victorian Inspired Denim Jacket which I think I'd love if it was just a little longer and the colour a little darker - I love the idea behind the style, but the design just doesn't look quite right to me. There are also 3 pieces in a pretty light bright blue - the Lace Spaghetti Strap Top, Paradise Blue Lace Skirt and Fuzzy Paradise Island Sweater. The shade isn't one I'd really wear a lot, nor does it suit my doll, but I like the styles of these pieces and think they will work really well for some people. And the final non-pink pieces are pretty contrasting in style with the minimal sleek High Neck Silk Halter Top which just looks ahhh-mazing, and the pretty, almost historian Valentino Inspired Floral Midi Skirt which seems to look good on everyone! And the pinks =D They're split nicely into lights and darks, and while the darker pink is super eye catching and attention grabbing, I do love the intricate designs behind the paler pieces - just look at those lace patterns in the Laser Cut Pale Body Shirt and the Lace Bodycon Mini Dress! Breathtaking! I really like the Laser Cut Pale Body Shirt as it seems like a wearable piece, and the body design means it will look fab with some trousers or a skirt paired ontop of it. And for autumn I think the Fuzzy Blush Sweater will be great =) The two pieces which really get my eyes bulging are the Pink Shoulder Blazer and Pink Front Pleat Trousers, they steal the show in this release! They are in a fab colour but also in a fab design that suits and fits the doll well. The pieces look great together but also have so many options to be worn separately, these are definite winners of this collection =D
Prices The prices of this release range from 8 to 23SD's with a couple of SC items included too. There's a couple of pieces for SS/Royalty only, but I don't think this takes away from the collection at all.
Styled Outfits I was drawn in very quickly and easily by the bright pinks and have styled the Pink Shoulder Blazer and Pink Front Pleat Trousers today! I found this a pretty easy task, and a lot of things I already own work well with this bright tone, so I had a fun time making these looks^ First for the Pink Shoulder Blazer I really liked the style with this sweater print and thought they made a nice minimal stylish combination. It seemed simple to stick with whites for my trousers and shoes, but I love the all-out pink with this Chanel bag, really a perfect blazer for this piece^ And then the Pink Front Pleat Trousers, which I just loved with this StarDesign sweater that I got some time ago. There's a matching pink, but I also love the clashing red and contrasting blue that are included in the design, they work nicely with the pink! The sweater really opened up the use of black accessories, so I went down this path to let the pink be the colour of the look^
Features Again, pandaribbon has pulled it out the bag with these stylings, aren't they just amazing?!?! There's a heavy bright pink theme and it works so well for her doll. I love the creativity behind the first two looks, pairing the Double Breasted Pink Trench Coat with a casual hoodie and the Leather Tassel High Heel Loafers with pink tights in the same styling^ Then also the use of meshed dresses with the Pink Shoulder Blazer - perfect! And inspiring as usual =D
And then this look from bloom_xx_layla featuring the Leather Tassel High Heel Loafers. They really stand out against the darker clothing. I love that the tasselled frills on top of the shoe correspond really nicely to the shapes in the very creatively-made top, I think it's great and very stylish^

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