Saturday, 11 February 2017

We Wear Hotbuys F E B R U A R Y | Pink Patent Heels

And our next HB of the weekend - the Pink Patent Heels from Pretty 'N Love priced at 15SD's. When I first saw these in the spoilers, I thought they looked a bit shiny for my taste, and I definitely worried about how that would affect how I'd style them, but once they were on my doll I really haven't noticed it so much^ The shade of pink is pretty awesome, it's definitely something different from the other shoes in my collection and so I'm quite happy to have these ones =)
And look at us getting into spring colours with light and bright, well maybe except Miloshki a little in those dark culottes^ Anyway, I love how we've shown quite different looks, and I am definitely excited to see what else I can do with these shoes! And vote in the poll too: