Wednesday, 9 October 2019

A N T I D O T E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We recently had a new drop of Antidote! It's been a little while since an Antidote release, while I adored the last one, this one was more of a 'miss' for me, the styles aren't so much my thing this time around. You guys liked this one though, so first up a couple of features. This look is from Jacquemus styling up the Stripe Jacket which I think looks super cool, especially layered with the cool handkerchief-style hemlines and the printing on the skirt-turned dress. Love the perspex heels, and the orange bag adds the perfect amount of colour to the styling =D 
In the next look Opioides styles both the Net Dress and the Miu Miu Inspired Glasses with a retro touch. I love the fluffy lilac coat, the style really works for the dress and the matching tights are kind of everything^ The white boots make the perfect finishing touch =D The accessories are great all round, really love the inclusion of the glasses too.
I was very much attracted to the orange outfit in the middle of the store, so I bought both pieces! First up the Orange Top which is a super cute piece, I like the simple wrap design to it. I debated a long time whether to tuck or not to tuck, but then you loose the hem detail, so left untucked this time with these darker orange trousers, you really might as well go all out when you can! And continued with the orange in the accessories, I really like it^ And then the Sparkly Orange Trousers which I just love! I didn't mean to cover them up so much with the coat, but I'd say this is a pretty realistic way to wear a piece like this without it being too much in your face with colour or sparkle. I stuck with white for the shirt, shoes and bag, which I think balances nicely with the dark overcoat and the brightness of the trousers =D

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