Saturday, 22 April 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Suede Multi Coloured Handbag

It's been a good few days since our last HB and now it's the last one of the month! Which has come around very fast! This is the Suede Multi Coloured Handbag from Bizou and costs 24SD's. I think this is a really cute version of a bucket bag for our dolls and I also think it's a very versatile one with all those colours to pair with, I think they give it so many different style options that there should at least be one to please everyone =) I also like the texture, the shading and highlighting on the bag make it look like an attractive piece!
We've all picked out slightly different tones of the bag to highlight in our looks, really showing the range of the piece off - hopefully you'll like at least one^ I think the style is good for summer and I look forward to wearing it in a few months time with the rest of my favourite summer pieces! And vote in the poll too, though it might be tricky to pick just one answer: