Sunday, 30 November 2014

PPQ | Release Review

This week has seen two brand new floors of PPQ released, it's been a while since we've had new things in here I think, so I'm glad to see some fresh pieces! I also love the ads I've seen on the homepage, they're super stylish and have a modern twist to them, making the brand very appealing in my mind =D
For me, this collection has a wintery feel to it, I've been relating lilacs to christmas and winter so much more recently, and this fills that void on Stardoll! There's also a hefty amount of whites and sheen-y sort of tones to be had, along with PPQ's usual fill of leather-look clothing! Not a fan of the accessories at all this time, but I'm not that fussed about it, I kinda just am happy with liking the clothing this time around! Plus I love the little floral infusion there is - yeah, I'd say I'm pleasantly surprised by this release (PPQ never really does much for me, it's just kinda always been there)!
Prices range from 4 to 30SD's. I think the accessories are really well priced alike the past few PPQ releases, and the clothes are about the prices I'd expect really, with the coats sitting higher in the range, but I really do like these ones, so I have been more than happy to purchase two of them - the Lavender Alpaca Coat and the White Alpaca Coat and I look forward to showing you my looks for them both later in this post. I also loved some of the tops in this collection, for some reason I just find them a little more versatile and to my taste more than they have in past releases.
So now onto some features - I love how AliceVel has styled her Lavender Alpaca Coat with a great pair of tailored trousers and that floral peek-a-boo top, the colours of it really work with the jacket and they both have a similar theme and pair together particularly well.
AudreyHepburn. has styled the White Alpaca Coat in such a glamourous look! I love how it looks with the teal coloured accessories and the beautiful jewelled decor at the neckline!
Finally tigre89 has gone for the Lavender Satin Romper in a look with quite the retro feel to it - I also love playing it slightly differently and wearing it as a shirt with the trousers, it looks great!
So now onto what I've done with the pieces I've bought from the store! I ended up getting 4 pieces, the two coats I previously mentioned, and also the Satin Lace Trim Blouse (a bit different for me, but I was really feeling it for this winter season!) and the Floral Satin Blouse (which feels like it could be super versatile) - I am still contemplating the Floral Satin Jumpsuit, so I'd love to see some looks from you guys to help me make up my mind =)
P.S. Sorry about the image quality, all the features and styled pics were done on my laptop, and it doesn't seem to have the same good quality as the desktop does, which I used for the store pics =/ 

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