Wednesday, 14 February 2018

P L A Z A P I C K S | V A L E N T I N E S T O N E S

Time for the monthly Plaza Picks and as it's Valentine's Day, we will stick with the theme of the WEARING post and go for my top picks of the Valentine's tones available in the Plaza right now! I actually found this super easy, because I adore pink and red tones and there's a couple I've been wearing all the time since their release =D I hope you guys love these picks as much as I do^
1 | Pink Long Crepe Coat, Pretty 'N Love
2 | Mohair Baby Pink Knit, Pretty 'N Love
3 | Silk Slip Dress, Bizou
4 | Fishnet Toe Heels, Pretty 'N Love
6 | Burgundy Tied Vest, Bizou
8 | Lunch Box Bow Bag, It Girls

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