Sunday, 7 May 2017

True Blue, Baby I Love You

Kirsten is wearing blue this May, and so am I! At least today haha! I really liked some pieces on the new Pretty'n'Love, and this jacket is definitely my favourite! I've never been a big fan of blue, some how I always end up more with the reddish tones... But I am liking it now, and I guess I need to do some bazaar browsing to find more blue. Preferably baby blue! 

Items used:
Spring Shoulder Detailed Jacket - Pretty'n'Love
Ruffle Off the Shoulder Blouse -  Pretty'n'Love
Flared Cropped Top -  Pretty'n'Love
Baby Blue Trousers - Callie's
Chloe Cannes Sandals - Young Hollywood
Sleek Designer Bag - Starpoint Rewards