Sunday, 23 April 2017

Bursting Spring

Found this beeeautiful Fendi dress in bazaar today, and I immediately saw its potential as a skirt! Giving me slavic vibes with the flower print on black fabric, and I am loving it! Wanted to freshen up the look with the bright red blazer and white shades, so it would not be too dark! Though I'm weirdly into black at the moment, both in Stardoll and real life... 

Items used:
Fendi Inspired Ruffle Dress - Runway
Petal Piles Top - Pretty'n'Love
Bouquet Blouse - Bizou
Fire Red Blazer - Balmain
Barbados Scarf - Riviera
Kurt Sunglasses - Royalty
Front Row Sandals - Young Hollywood
Black Wishbone Thin Belt - Gucci
Dionysus Black Leather Bag - Limited Edition