Thursday, 20 April 2017

All on Red

All-red outfit can be dangerous, but I kinda think that I pulled it off! What do you think? It's definitely a show stopper, you simply can't be noticing a person who wears only bright red. (Or orange... I see it more as red but it's really close to orange.) So, I think the new Rio was a winner! There was few tacky items too, but this top is so cute that it makes up every flaw!

Items used:
Criss Cross Batwing Blouse - Rio
Orange Maxi Vest - LE
Orange Tailored Pants - Rio
Basic T-Shirt - Fudge
Hot Red Skirt - Archive
Orange Handbag - Gucci
Givenchy Inspired Heels - Fallen Angel
Earrings - Epiphany