Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fashion Week Day 5

It's the last day of Fashion Week! Wearing my new favorite combination today, blue velvet and brown accessories. Like a good blogger, also carrying laptop case with me so I can upload the blog. ;) And got a haircut too haha! It's been fun making these Fashion Week outfits, I hope you enjoyed them. Which one was your favorite? 

Items used:
Blue Velvet Dress - Voile
Ruffled Blouse - Archive
Extra Long Belt - Pretty'n'Love
Tanned Thin Belt - Pretty'n'Love
Laptop Case - Mr.
Jil Sander Clutch - Happy Unity Day of Germany
Shoes Inspired by Celine - Tingeling
Jewel Choker Necklace - LE


  1. I can't choose only one!! :O
    I love them all! But I think maybe this one? ooh i really don't know! They are all perfect outfits!!

    1. Oh Mireia thank you so much! I was bit worried people might not like this but I was clearly wrong! <3

  2. Day 4 was my favourite(love that skirt)but also this is too good and i love your new wig

  3. Omg! This look is perfection! 😍

  4. I love every outfit you've made! But if I have to choose... I would say day 2! Loved that colours combination! (And this one would be my second fave)! Amazing job!

    1. So so happy to read this. I have to admit that the day 2 was my personal favorite too ;)