Thursday, 14 January 2016

I'm Home

Why is it so hard to figure out a name for a post today?! Literally nothing sprang to mind today. First I was just gonna name this "Red Maxi Dress", but that would've have been too boring. (Like my other recent titles aren't..) So the title is lyrics from my favorite song atm, Allie X - Sanctuary.. You should have a listen. :) 
Actually, now when I think about it, I'm wearing a color I wear in 90% of the posts I make here.. So that's a brilliant title. Do you like my red maxi dress?

Items used for the dress:
Basic T-Shirt - Fudge
Draped Silk Skirt - Pretty in Love

Items used for the coat:
Everyday Long Blazer - It Girls
Perfect Boxy Blazer - LE
Oversized Coat - Nelly
Black Foldover Purse - DvF

Front Row Sandals - YH
Orange Handbag - Gucci

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