Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Boots pt. 2

Remember The boots? Well, there happens to me similar ones from Gucci, but the color is beautiful green. What's not to like?! A good friend of mine kindly borrowed the boots to me so I could wear them at least once. :') I own a green polkadot shirt from Gucci, that is exactly the same color than the boots, but felt that this sweater fits the outfit better. I've never used that Gucci shirt even though I've owned it for like over an year.. Maybe I'll try it and put the result here.. It's a tricky shirt! But what do you think about this? Wearing the same skirt with these boots too, but this skirt just works amazingly with high boots!

Items used:
Olive Knee Boots - Gucci
Streetstyle Overcoat - SAP
Knit and Braids Sweater - It Girls
Tartan Wool Skirt - Callie's
Mini Me Handbag - It Girls
Chelsea Belt - It Girls


  1. Try the shirt! Looking forward to seeing the results =D

    1. I'll do it! :D promise to do it before Christmas holiday, which begins on wed..

  2. That is such a gorgeous color combo! I love this outfit.

    1. Thank you so much! I just love the shade of green in the boots :)