Sunday, 30 August 2015

I'll Start Over Again

Haven't been able to post any looks here lately, sorry! Just started uni and moved to a new city, lots of things I need to get used to and not to much time for Stardoll! Just realised I'm wearing same skirt than in my last post, great haha. But it is a beautiful skirt so I hope you forgive me :) Anyways, finally the autumn is coming (yay), I'm sick of summer already, I want to wear warm sweaters and a coat outside!! My doll is feeling the upcoming fall too. :) 

The title is from a song called "No Firewall" by Mørland. Had a hard time choosing a title, but it's kinda fitting since I moved far from home. And I want people to know this amazing song too, loving this so much at the moment!

Items used:
Red Bow Blouse - Royalty
Hot Buys Pink Vest - Bizou
Ruffle Buds Skirt - Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
Crossover Knot Belt - Aprés Ski
Black Gucci Handbag - Gucci Tribute
Metal Stripe Heels - Fallen Angel