Thursday, 13 August 2015

Cover Yourself Up

I seem to get a new obsession every day, or some days two like today.. :) I'm not wearing Proenza Schouler (the other obsession), but I am using this kimono I love. I like the idea that everything's a bit loose and there's not much skin to be seen. I even had black sheer collars in this outfit at one point, but after putting on the earrings I decided it would be too much haha! What do you guys think?

Items used:
Festival Dream Kimono - Nelly
Flower Sketch Dress - Callie's Picks
Open Shoulder Velvet Gown - PPQ
Voile Pantyhose - Voile
Black Gucci Handbag - Gucci Tribute
Pointed Mules - PPQ
Round Pilot Sunnies - Bizou
MDNA Earrings - Royalty

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